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Hello people! I'm Bjulko! first of all am so sorry due lack of activity, I been dealing with some personal issues and I haven't work on the animations as usual, but I promise am gonna retake everything and start over, I thank you all for your patience and my beloved fans you will not be desapointmed:

So here is the thing:

I promised to work with Bayonetta x Lady Dimitrescu, and I will continue, this is gonna be a huge proyect so it may take longer than usual, and all updates will be posted in my SubscribeStar, along with video clips. However in the meantime I can work with easier stuff, the things I've always been uploading. I will work in 2 proyects then, the Lady Dimitrescu x Bayonetta (I plan to add a lot of quality and length) and something simplier: It can be with Prere from La Pucelle Tactics

another of Rouge the bat, Make some Anthro MLP Stuff or maybe something made waifu, I dunno...

Another thing is that I'm thinking to work on my style, use the good ol' Frame by frame animations instead of using motion tweens, it looks nice so why not? Anyways, be sure to check my Subscribestar and I always thank you so much for your patience!


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Cheap Prices for decent art!

Good day people! Is me again! Today I came to announce that am open to work with affordable prices! I will make some good quality art that you can use in forums or for your own personal amusement! KEEP IN MIND DON'T ASK ME FOR TRACING, IF YOU SEND ME A REFERENCE BE AWARE THE RESULT WILL BE DIFFERENT

You can ask me for a sketch or for a full detailed draw, I can make full bodies or just the head for the same price. I can make both SFW or NSFW (must be +18 years old )

Rules are simple:

Reach me via PM here or using my email address bjulkos@gmail.com with the title "Comission" without the quotes, then specify what exactly you want I'll tell you the payment steps. Here are my products:

Avatars: 200 x 200p for forums or profiles - $8.00 static +$5.00 animated


Signatures: for forums, long horizontal draws $15.00 Static +$5.00 animated


Full draw: $20.00 +$5.00 animated +$5.00 per extra character Custom size minimum 151x151



Animation services: $100.00 per 10 seconds regardless of style you wish


I won't Make:

Realistic Zoophilia (I can make furry x human or furry x furry but no realistic bestialism)

Underage/loli (that includes characters that look like children despite being older)

Gore (am ok with small damage but blood and guts is a no no)

Real people including politicians, artists or important people in general


Am pretty good with fetish art, Furry, mlp, anime you name it! you can consult before you make a purchase, send me a PM with the title "Inquiry", if you send me a "Comission" PM only to ask I'll not be able to respond. With that being said, thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful place!

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